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Jimmy “The Whirlwind” White 9Ball Pool Event

OIBME's Jimmy "The Whirlwind" White event was a great success! On June 17th, 2016. OIBME was proud to be the main sponsor for the 9 Ball event that took place in Saigon, Vietnam. OIBME hosted 6 time World Snooker Championship finalist and winner of over 30 major...

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Ma’salama Europe?

Tomorrow the UK will decide on whether to leave or remain in the EU. It’s a huge decision and fear abounds. Votes have been fought for by instilling fear and will be cast by those feeling it. Everywhere we look, alarming headlines, imagery and soundbites are screaming...

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Structured Notes

MAZE Capital Solutions are a company that OIBME utilize in order to offer Structured Notes to our Clients. Structured Notes differ from the normal fund options that you may be familiar with in a number of key areas. There is a time period on the Note - normally 2 - 5...

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Is Gold Making a Comeback?

Gold hit its performance peak back in the heady days of 2011. Trading then at $1,900 per ounce, Gold was unstoppable.  It was running the race of its life, as investors, thrilled by its run, roared it on like bulls from the sidelines. Gold is a safe haven, somewhere...

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Federal Reserve Expects US Economy to Strengthen

The US economy is very likely to strengthen, following first quarter setback that was heavily influenced by fleeting factors such as bad weather, which leaves the Federal Reserve primed for a first rate rise this year. The US is 'well positioned' for continued growth,...

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Offshore Investment Brokers have landed in ASIA

Offshore Investment Brokers have now started operations in Veitnam, we have hit the ground and we are enjoying the lifestyle in Nam. We are still looking to expand into other areas of Asia. If you are an expat living and working in Asia please use our contact page to...

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