Adrian Hollis

Adrian Hollis has looked after my investments including,  and especially, as I transited from being a long term expat in the Sultanate of Oman, to retiring to the UK and meeting HMRC again.

I asked him to advise and monitor my investments with the following requirements:
To deliver a tax-free substantial supplementary income to boost my pension.
To preserve my capital

If possible, grow that capital despite the regular withdrawals.

Through his astute advice and constant monitoring he has, and continues to deliver on all 3 priorities. I am delighted.

Major General (Retired) A E Whitley CMG CBE WO

Adrian came highly recommended by a colleague and friend after weeks of trawling the internet for information on taxes, investments and pensions and getting nowhere fast.

His guidance came at just the right time! We could not have been recommended to a better, more knowledgeable advisor who makes every meeting and conversation light and easy.
After a dive into our finances, discussions about what we want and, most importantly, learning how to invest, Adrian guided us through multiple options and we have total trust in his work.
Working in the middle east poses many questions and grey areas which Adrian has helped to educate us on to make sure our finances are in safe hands and is working towards our goal.
We could not recommend Adrian enough and feel extremely fortunate for the work he has done with us. Thank you, Adrian!
Claire Moran – Kuwait