How Good is Your Retirement Plan?


Giving You Confidence That You Will Achieve The Retirement You Want

You know that the earlier you start planning and saving for retirement, the better chance you stand of living the lifestyle we want.

Living and working abroad you may be finding it difficult to set up suitable plans. For Instance, you may not be comfortable with local arrangements. Perhaps you’ve discovered that you can’t actually pay into a pension in your home country, or that you’re unable to get tax relief on your contributions while working abroad.

These may all seem like good reasons to defer thoughts of a retirement but remember, every moment you delay is costing you valuable income in retirement.

In order to help you meet these costs, OIB and our network of professional independent financial advisors are able to offer truly flexible online retirement investment accounts that will enable you to achieve your retirement goals.

Delay Is Your Enemy

Your retirement may seem an age away, but it can sneak up on you before you know it. The surprise could be more of a shock when you realise retirement day isn’t the end of the story. Not only will living costs have risen hugely – they’re going to keep rising for the 30 or so years you’re retired.

If you haven’t prepared for your retirement, you’re not alone.

Skandia International recently surveyed over 440 financial advisers around the world. Two thirds of them believe their clients can afford to save for retirement but aren’t doing so. Their clients’ reasons for not investing included confusion over how much they need to save and high expectations for the level of their state pension. If that sounds familiar, you could well become one of the millions of people working beyond their desired retirement age.


Assuring A Bright Future

The sooner you identify the sort of retirement you want, the better off you’ll be. Work out the things that are important to you and how much they will cost in the future (well beyond your retirement day). Then create an investment plan that will help you support that lifestyle for decades to come.

The Impact of Delay

The negative impact of putting off investing in your retirement fund is significant. If you begin investing £100 in your early thirties and you aim to retire at sixty your retirement pot may be worth up to £120,000. If you delay the start of your investing by just five years your pot will only be worth up to £70,000.


Good Advice

  • Be clear about your retirement objectives. We will help you do this.
  • Be aware that you may need retirement income for 30-40 years.
  • Prices will not stop rising. It’s important to look at where costs will be when you want to retire.
  • Consider how much risk you want to take with your investments.
  • Don’t delay your retirement planning.

Future Cost Of Retirement

Below you’ll see a simple graph showing the projected monthly costs of utilities. As an example, we’re comparing the cost of two people living in an 85m2 apartment in London, New York, Sydney and Bangkok. We have only taken it as far as 2037, but you could easily live longer than this. And you’ll always need energy and water.

Talk To An OIB Advisor

Speak to one of our financial advisors about your retirement goals and start putting in place a plan that ensures you get the retirement you want. Whatever you do, don’t put this off. Delaying your retirement planning by just one year can have dramatic effect on the final amount available.

Work Out What You Need

Use the following calculator to get an idea of how much you need to be allocating to your retirement needs. Be honest with the numbers.

Look No Further.